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Thread: Zodiac dealer in ANC?

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    Default Zodiac dealer in ANC?

    Well I figured out that the rubber transom cuffs are definetly supposed to be glued to the tubes on the Zodiac I just inherited (See "Dumb Zodiac ???" thread), so now I need to figure out if the boat is Hypalon or PVC so I get the right glue. Who can I contact in ANC that might know? (I have model & serial #s)
    I'll also try Zodiac customer service, but I don't know how well they answer emails.
    Vance in AK.

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    I think Marine Sea & Ski has been the Zodiac dealer forever.

    Otherwise, Eagle Enterprises on Int'l Airport Rd. does inflatable repair but they're not brand specific.

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    Default Speaking of Zodiacs...

    While we are on the subject of inflatables, how do you know what size inflatable to get as a roof-top mounted raft "just in case"? I mean if you look at the weight specs, I would need a really good size one that is a lot bigger than those I see on other folks' roofs.

    While we are not a "typical-sized family" (none of us are the 150 lbs that they calculate the average adult at!) there are three of us and we would like to get an inflatable that we can use should we have to or just to go ashore once in awhile.

    How do we figure out an adequate size raft? Without getting too personal we would need one to carry around 700 pounds of people + whatever.


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