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Thread: Can anyone tell me if you can launch a boat in the Koyukuk Middle Fork or South Fork?

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    Default Can anyone tell me if you can launch a boat in the Koyukuk Middle Fork or South Fork?

    I am headed up the Haul Rd. next week and want to know if there any good places to launch a jet boat in the Middle or South fork Koyukuk?


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    We've launched before on the south fork. Headed upstream from there. We parked the truck by the launching area and it was nearly bumper deep in water a couple days later from the river rising. A different hunting party came up and let us know, we gave them our spare set of keys and they moved it for us. Yes, there are good people in Alaska. We didn't want to risk running back down and not making it back up because the river was full of trees and other debris that could have made for a bad situation.

    Won't bother making that trip again... lots of wolf and bear tracks, not many moose or moose sign for that matter. This was several years back so hopefully things have gotten better, but we can find other places easier to get to get skunked on.

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    Yes, you can launch at the S Fork/Haul Rd intersection and run upstream... unless the water is low. We've been up in canoes and jet boats (maybe 10 miles? no GPS then) but watch the water like a hawk. A few Septembers ago we had to leave after two days because the ice was jamming at the riffles and the water was dropping almost visibly; hit a few boulders on the way out. Glad we had my buddy's boat. No, it ain't good for moose, as reported above. Wolves, bears, yes, but not terribly thick. Do NOT attempt to run downstream, unless you want to line your watercraft a lot. The Middle Fork, I have been told, is usually impossible. Expect many air boats at the S Fork launch.


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