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    Fishing guides.....

    I'm looking to get into the fishing guide business and was wondering how much your insurance is for client liability.

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    Not trying to be a smart butt however many factors are involved to inlcude useof power, years in business, camping vs day trips, facilities or not etc........

    An Example is on the Kenai through the association is reasonable value lets say 1.5K for the year power boat day trips.

    Remote Camping / float fishing for BLM permit 1st year out 4.7K Class III water and below.

    Mind you these are estimates each year depending who underwrites your fees will increase or decrease. Lots of factors.

    I guess the best way to put it is: depending on what you plan on providing for services will have a great effect on how much your insurance will cost. If you plan on Float Fishing i.e. Rafts etc..... try finding reasonable Class IV insurance it just not out there.

    Good Luck. Hope the info helps.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes.

    Blue Moose

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    Thanks Blue Moose. I'm looking at doing 5-7 day camping trips. The plan is to power boat up into the clearer water and camp. The water class is I.


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