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Thread: Question on Flies to use around PWS (Cordova Area)

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    Default Question on Flies to use around PWS (Cordova Area)

    So I am heading to Alaska for the 2nd time in my life. MAN I CANT WAIT. I have read that certain flies may work as well as spoons and spinners. I have fly fishing gear but its smaller I think a 5 wt. (Never used it).

    Instead of the Fly Pole setup I was thinking of buying some flies, and maybe just using a clear bubble and my spinning gear.

    Or does anyone think that the 5wt fly gear may work. Maybe just get a heavier leader to tie at the end of the fly line.

    Any suggestions on Flies.

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    Default Try this:

    Tie this one in a smaller size and it will be all you need for coho.


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