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Thread: Trails around Sheep Creek Lodge

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    Default Trails around Sheep Creek Lodge

    Is anyone familiar with the trails around Sheep Crrek Lodge for a quad? Does anyone know of an area there where you can hunt with a quad?

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    Default trail 1

    was up trail 1 this week. trail was pretty good until you hit the rock garden and then look out. it was a slimy rough ride! buddy broke his lower ball joint on his bearcat and i snapped my drive shaft off at the tranny. needless to say long walk bothways, fixed his machine then towed mine from the top back to the truck. only saw 2 moose taken out all week. by the way, anybody know where i can get a shaft without getting the shaft. it's a 87' polaris 250 sportsman chain drive. the best price i have come across yet is over $500


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