Had a chance to do a little hunting this weekend, no luck, but did see sign, I think. Hiked up high on an island in PWS, its definately a lot different view from above looking down. So many more open areas to see from above, perfect place for the deer to be bedding down.

Being this is the first time hunting blacktails, what should I be looking for?

I found pockets of dug up dirt, here and there, roughly an inches deep, just scratching off the surface and looks to be eating the roots and twigs of something low to the ground. Is this obvious deer foraging, I cant imagine a blackie doing this and not making a much deeper hole, plus blue berries were out and I didnt see any bear activity on them.

Can anyone clue me in on what I should be looking for, outside of the obvious deer popping its head up and running away. Should I be looking in the trees/brush in the afternoons & focusing on the meadows in the morning/evenings. Will they make their way down to the beach this time of year or should I be focusing up high. Just trying to get a clue.