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Thread: Fast twist in 22-250

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    I have read replies on this forum for quite a while and am sure some of you out there can help . I had my 22-250 M70 rebarreled with a top quality barrel but the groups now are erratic , the first three rounds might go 1/4 inch but the next two are 1 1/4 inch fliers, or the first three may not group well either. The action is bedded,the barrel is floating , the trigger is 2 lb ,the scope is a 36x weaver and I use bags front and rear so a trained monkey should be able to shoot at least 3/4 inch groups . I have been told the 1 in 10 twist is not compatible with the high velocity a 22-250 develops and am wondering if any on this forum have successfully used a rifle with a twist faster than 1 in 14 which all the factory rifles have. I have used projectiles from 40 gn to 70 gn and about six different powders loaded from suggested loads to maximum .Nothing works Is it that the twist is too fast ? What do you think .

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    How many total rounds have gone thru the barrel? I have a 7mm STW that didn't start to group until almost 100 rounds went thru it. Normally a custom barrel will require very little break-in, but you never know.

    The next thing I would check would be your chamber dimensions, maybe this one has a really long throat. Take a Stoney Point O.A.L. gauge and check how far you're seating off the lands.

    A 1:10 barrel should stabilize the light bullets just fine, and at the speeds you're getting, you should be able to stabilize up to the 70gr as well. My .223 with a 1:9 barrel stabilizes the 69gr SMK as well as the 75gr Hornady.

    Good luck and keep us informed.

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    I have a 1:9 twist with my 22-250 and shoot 80 grain matchkings and it will also shoot 55 gr Amx. It is not your rate of twist that is the problem.

    Good luck. J.

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    I don't personally have a 22-250, but know folks with 22-250 ackleys with 1-8 twist barrels that launch 50 gr v-max on up to 75 gr a-max as fast as they can, and they don't have any problem with the fast barrel twist.

    My first guess for eratic groups is a damaged or loose scope. I'd try a different scope before wasting any more componets.

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    I can't really speak to your accuracy problems or your bullet selection or your ability to shoot but I can speak a little about twist rates and stabilization of bullets.

    To stabilize any bullet it takes a certain number of surface feet-per-minute rotation. This number is determined by the bullet diameter and it's length, not weight.

    A .224" bullet that is .750" long will need to spin a certain RPM to achieve stability. It can be spun too fast and will still precess (wobble) at 100 yards, but be very stabile at 400 yards. A 223 will need a faster twist rate to stabilize a bullet than a 22-250 with the same bullet because the 22-250 is faster. The reasoning for the 1 in 14" twist on the original 22-250 vs the 1 in 12" on the original 223. These are both good enough to stabilize 55 grain jacketed lead bullets. This twist will also stabilize the 63 grain Sierra semi-spitzer. If we shoot a 223 in a much shorter barrel it will not stabilize the 55 grain spitzer because the velocity drops so much that we cannot get the surface feet-per-minute rotation to stabilize it.

    If you shoot at 100 yards you do not need a 1 in 10" twist for the 22-250 for even the 69 grain bullets. I have made prairie dog kills at over 600 with a standard plain Jane 1 in 14" twist 22-250. As with all 22's wind is a greater factor than twist rate.
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    There is a factor that is vary seldom discussed when talking about twist rates in rifle barrels. Temperature has an effect. When I choose a barrel for the fast .224's it is going to be a 10 twist. The reason it gives more stability to the projectile over longer distances in a wider temperature ranges. We really see the effect of temperature in long range rifles.

    Here goes again with the square the target drill with your scope.

    Get the screw drivers out. First check all the action screws to make sure they are tight. Pull the scope off and make sure the scope base mount screws are tight, in fact pull them and make sure they are lock tighted in place. Go over the scope ring caps when you replace the scope to insure they are tighten evenly. Re-sight from your good solid rest.(make sure your group is centered) Without moving the rifle once you get it centered on the target. Move the cross hairs to each corner of the target and fire one round. We are looking to see if the internal adjustment of the scope is holding zero, and not moving. Unless you know for sure that the scope is good, you just can't go any further in addressing the problem.

    A good barrel installed by an accuracy gunsmith and properly bedded, good trigger in a well scoped rifle, from the bags and shot by a shooter with good bench techniques, will not allow for shifting groups, unless you can't read the wind? Get some match bullets and look to your brass, make sure your brass is not to long.

    Seating depth control can make a difference in group size, but does not mean you will have different groups or shifts of groups.

    Last but not least, with out wind flags and knowing how to dope the conditions, your wasting time and components.
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    Default 22-250 Fast twist

    Thank you for all your thoughts about my erratic 22-250 with new barrel . The main point that I needed to know was that some of you do have rifles in this calibre with fast twists that shoot accurately .I have done most of the things suggested , before and after your replies and it's still a bummer.More work is required, but it's fun.


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