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Thread: Lake Louise & Tyone River

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    Default Lake Louise & Tyone River

    How tough (shallow or rocky) is the Tyone River within the first 5 or 6 miles from the outlet from Susitna Lake?

    Going over upcoming labor day weekend to the Lakes and thought I might check out some of the river if it is an easy one.

    Not looking to get the 20' boat stuck (and then un-stuck) since I will be my wife and small kids only...........

    Also heard to give the Islands in the Lake a few hundred feet when running on step if not familiar with area due to extended shallows from the islands, is this true?

    My boat is easy to recognize with the 14" bow rails (not shown in avatar photo) so if anybody sees me out there feel free to say "Hello".
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    Your kinda forgetting one Tyone Lake, Then the river. If you go down didn,t take very long mile or too, gets real small fast depends on the level of water of course, Once past that spot then pretty good except car size rocks here and there, Hard to see them til go by and catch the paint from the other boats that bumped them. Yr,s ago we used to see alot of bou right there in the lake. We Knew Mr, Ivy there had that small cabin on the island, Watch the weeds There a pain,

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    I was down on Tyone 2 weekends ago. Weedy...... Saw 3 bou.

    I would not take my boat down the river. Once you leave Tyone lake and get on the slough it gets very weedy, then shallow with large rocks. There are 2 small (but VERY nice cabins) toward the end of the slough. About 200 feet past them there is a gravel bar (that is where I stop), then it turns left. If you come off step past the gravel bar it could be a long hard drag to get into deep enough water to get back on step. Last time I was down there this late in the year, I had to pick weeds out of the jet 4 times to go 1/2 mile in the slough......

    I would NOT take my 17.5 Wooldridge down Tyone Creek..... unless I want to leave it there and walk out.

    Susitna channel is not bad, lake was 10" above normal a week ago. It appeared to be there this last weekend. They have mowed the corner so you can see (better anyway) if someone is coming.

    I have not spent much time fishing this summer, but have spent most of the weekends out there. Fishing is slow. Fatties are hard to find with a fish finder, tight lipped when you do find them.

    If you see me out there stop by.

    Good luck,

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    Default Pretty much true

    all that has been said. Weedy at the end. I have taken my 20' wolly down the Tyone, but left metal in a few spots. Made it down to the Sue one year, but this was only because water was high on the Tyone. There were places that if I met another boat both were screwed because the river channel was so narrow, I had to bounce the boat off the banks to get around a corner.

    That said I have had the pleasure of putting Bou on my dinner table.

    Good luck!

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