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Thread: Seward Was Slow on Friday

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    Default Seward Was Slow on Friday

    Great day to boat, so-so day to fish.
    Rockfish limits at Cape Resurrection.
    No halibut at either Barwell, Sunny Cove, or Bulldog.
    Jumping Silvers out the yin-yang at Army Docks beach.....but would not bite anything. Charter chattter on radio said Pony & Chevall were dead.

    But the water was so nice, we stayed on the boat for a total of 14 hours and came back at 10:00 PM after chasing the jumping silvers into the dark.

    Any method for getting tight lipped jumping silvers to bite?

    Could only get one by snagging, and one by mooching

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    Usually when they are in the harbor and jumping like frogs its over. They are done and fishing for them is futile, sometimes people will get some but its not consistent or controllable, or they are snagged. We go out and will be with a hundred other boats right in front of the harbor or acrossed from it, they will splash your boat jump almost in it just to keep you excited. Try snagging from the bank or just enjoy the final good bye from them while you get in those last few boating weekends. Time for "cove camping" out of Whittier.

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    If your looking for butts drive down to Homer. We ran out to Flat Island on Thursday and caught about 20 chickens averaging 15-20 pounds each.

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    Default Jumping silvers at the army docks Friday

    I too was out there on Friday and trolling was slow but saw those fish jumping like crazy over by the army docks. I finally decided to motor over to them to throw spinners at them. They were in 10-15' of water and jumping right in amoung the old dock posts. I immediately had a 15 lb male hit it. I starting casting at fish that jumped and caught 6 in about 45 minutes. They would follow the vibrax and push it with their nose and then grab it right after that. They eventually got spooked and stopped jumping there but moved over to another spot. They were all nice males 11 to 15 lbs. Two were 15 and the others smaller... We went back over there on Sat. and not a fish around in that shallow water and no jumpers.

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    Default just for kicks

    Try mooch trolling. 4 to 6 oz banana weight with a double hook rig cut plug herring. I hear it works very well. Maybe 1.5 to 2.2 mph and about 40 to 60 ft of line off the boat.

    Good luck


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