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Thread: submerged nikons

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    Default submerged nikons

    Screwed up and didn't realize my wife had placed my binos in the kid carrier and they went for a swim while unloading the boat Luckily a neighbor mentioned he had found a pair. Unfortunately, they were full of water and are in the process of drying more completely. Should I send them in now? Where if I have to? May they be ok if they dry out completely minus the water spots?


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    I just bought my wife a pair of Nikon's at SW and they are warrantied for life, no questions asked. I say send it in. Get on their website and get the contact number if you want to make sure that its the same with your model or not before dropping it in the mail. Good luck!

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    Default The water spots will haunt you


    I was recently given a pair of binocs that were going into a trash can for similar reasons - water inside the lens housing... Being very mechanically inclined I decided I would try to tear it apart and clean the lenses... end determination was definitely not worth it.

    The prisms with the multi-coatings are almost impossible to clean nicely... disassembly and reassembly was pretty easy, but the cleaning was tough and the end result was they were still not clear and crisp... tried camera lens cleanins supplies and it just did not work out.

    This is all to say SEND them BACK! Don't hope they will dry out ok... those water spots will drive you insane - and they don't really ever come out...


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