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    Default New Toy

    I just bought a Savage 93R17 FVSS 17 HMR from sportsmans warehouse and a BSA sweet .17 scope to boot! I already shot it a bunch and decided to share my findings with you fellas.

    WOW accurate round. .5 inch group at 100 yards right out of the box. Amazingly accurate and it lasted all day. The big bull barrel does not get hot at all and you can attain the accuracy all day long. She is a pretty rifle and would recommend it to anyone looking to fill the void between .22lr and a centerfire rifle.

    I have some 20grn FMJ rounds and some 17grn hornady with the ballistic tip and 17grn varmit grenade rounds.

    The FMJ rounds are a lot nicer if you body shoot animals. The latter 2 are strict headshots only. Very nice little rifle and cheap too!

    The sling is a little rusty as its pretty old and was on a shotgun for several years out duckhunting.

    Well there she is! If you have any questions let me know

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    Default Pretty

    A skookum little rifle. Scope looks big!

    You said cheap... what does cheap mean here?
    How many rounds does the mag hold?

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    The magazine holds 5 rounds. The rifle was 250 dollars itself along with 112 dollars for the 3-12x40mm scope made just for the .17HMR. It has some really neat features as you just sight in the rifle at 100 yards and then then you turn the turret on top to whatever yardage your shooting. Say i laser it at 210 yards i turn the scope to 210 and its right on. Very cool feature.

    Ammo is 13.50 for 50 rounds of the hornady. I got myself a new sling and got to shoot on a very calm day and got a 5 shot group at 100 yards to .350 .... Its a wicked accurate little rifle and round. Oh yeah I was shooting from a bench of course.... I will be taking it out here sometime as soon as I can stop taking my bow out hunting hehe.

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    Default BSA sweet scopes

    I purchased the BSA sweet 223 for my girls single shot your right it is a nice scope and easy to adjust... it sucks in the cold... bad.. all you can see is the heat off the barrel... you have to cool between every 2nd- 3rd shot so you can shoot again... i thought it was a fluke with my first BSA i put on a gun several years ago... ( now on my boys 243 for target) both BSA scopes do the same thing.
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    Oh really? I have only put BSA scopes on my rimfires so my barrels dont get hot and I dont target shoot hardly at all. I hope that since my barrel did not even get warm during 100 shots that I will not have the same problem as you did.


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