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Thread: Sitka Report !!

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    Default Sitka Report !!

    Traveled to Sitka on Aug 17 and returned on Aug. 22. Built in some extra time to see the sights of the town
    Stayed with KingFisher, and again service , hospitality and food were all excellent from the time we got off of the plane until the time we boarded to come home.
    We fished for 3 days and the weather was good enough to fish the outside for halibut all 3 days.The silvers werent as abundent as in past trips but they were all bigger than I have seen in the past.We had a great
    captain who worked his tail off for us and put us on the fish.
    I caught a freezer full of halibut, Silvers, ling cod and yellow eye.
    Cant wait until my next trip


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    Lets see some pics!! Pictures worth 1000 words.
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    Default Which Kingfisher Boat Were You On?

    Just curious if you were on the "Titan" at all - he's my S-I-L and seems to do a great job for his clients and Kingfisher.

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    No we were on the Samantha with Earl,but we spent a lot of time fishing near the Titan (a beautiful boat). The captain of our boat was talking with the captain of the Titan quite a bit so they must be pretty good buds.



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