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Thread: Disabled Vet would like to find a hunting partner/Mentor

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    Default Disabled Vet would like to find a hunting partner/Mentor

    I am a life time Alaskan, However I never had the opportunity to go hunting. I am self sufficient in the woods. I am a 50% disabled vet and can do most things just as not as fast I used to. I am also proficient with a firearm I would like to learn from an ethical and knowledgeable person. I love to fish and am not in this for the trophy aspect but I won't pass it up. I lived in the bush as kid before there were regulations I have a 19 foot inboard jet boat and a fifth wheel girlfriend loves vension and bunnies but doesn't like to hunt have never dressed any big game so thats where I need the mentoring

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    All my plans have been made for this season but maybe we can hook up in the spring and/or fall 09. I'm also a disabled vet, we're probably the same speed now, slow!


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