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    Well I was looking around for marmots in turnigan pass and wasnt able to find but one. Of course I could not get within bow range of the bugger. I am quickly heading off to school in Oregon and was wondering if anyone wouldent mind sharing a spot where a young man could go in search of marmots. I know there is some in Hatchers pass but I am not to fond of people watching me shoot things really. I guess I could go there but I was wondering if there was any other options without getting into the mass of berry pickers there. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Oh I thought I would mention that I am eating these marmots and would only shoot 2 if I could get them anyways. I cant promise you that I wouldent surround a few ptarmigan with arrows if they presented themselves :P

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    They are everywhere on the Denali Hwy, was just up there last week.

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    Hey thanks man. Hopefully I dont have to go that far but I guess it would give me a good excuse to go up that beautiful country

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    Head down to ptarmigan lake, just outside of moose pass. more marmots than you can count. We were on the north side of the lake on the ridge so its a hike.


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