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    Default Tatlanika River

    I recently posted a thread about the wood river and a 21ft inboard jet boat and decided to take there adivice and stay far away(thanks guys). What about the Tatlanika, I have heard alot about the wood but why is the tatlanika not talked about. I have heard it is a fairly easy river to run but maybe I have heard wrong. Is there no game there? Is the river hard to run, Shallow?, Rocky? Narrow? Let me know your thoughts. I have a week to re-plan.

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    Default Tatlanika, Totanklanika, and Wood Rivers

    Can someone describe how thin each of these get in mid to late August?

    Prop country? or just air/jet?

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    I have a 16 ft jon boat with and outboard jet.

    The Wood on a dry year such as this gets as wide in the main channel as my boat is wide, literally . There are a number of places where the water is only a few inches deep. It is very silty so light penetration is nil rendering a view of the bottom a big 0. A person operating a jet on that river has to know how to read current WELL to avoid problems. Sweepers and submerged trees are common. Navigating the mouth successfully keeps many boats out due to the difficulty. Each year I have gone up the Wood I see a boat high and dry at the mouth. On the wettest year, 07' or 06', the Wood had tons of water relative to its' nature but still was not enough to run a prop in, at least up to no where near as far as I was camped.

    That Tatlanika is not talked about because it is even smaller and skinnier and is purely an airboat stream.

    The Totatlanika is even smaller than that. On a dry year such as this is slows to such a trickle that one could jump or even step across it. Why "river" is even part of its' name is mystery. If you don't know where it is exactly you would pass it without even knowing it was there. On years when I could get my boat up it I can only get about 100 yards, then it forks and is teeny tiny on both sides.

    Hope that answers some ?'s for you.


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