I just bought a 10x42 Geovid. The diopter compensation instructions in the manual throw me off! Here are the steps:

1.Turn both dioper dials to zero position. I got this part
2.Viewing with both eyes focus on a distant object using the central dial. I also got this part...
3. Press the laser button to activate the targer. Easy, done...
4. Once the target appears, while continue viewing with 2 eyes adjust the right hand diopter dial so that the target is in focus in the right hand field.
This step doesn't make sense or I am too stupid to understand it. With both eyes on and the target is already in focus as in step 1, how can I adjust the right diopter dial?
5. This step is a little bit unclear. With the target still activated and now view with right eye only use the central knob to fine focus the image in the right and tube. Does it mean I have to cover the left tube to do this?

Please help ... thanks,