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Thread: Bow hunters Safety course

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    Default Bow hunters Safety course

    I'm looking for a bowhunters course in the Kodiak, Valdez or Anchorage area in September, does anyone know if one is avaialable?

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    Default Bow Ed

    There's one in Kodiak and Anchorage on Sep 6th. Here's the link:

    Good luck,

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    Default Field Portion

    I just finished the field portion of the class in Fairbanks this afteroon.

    The guys that were overseeing the shoot were very reasonable. If you know your equipment, and you are comfortable shooting out to 30 yards, AND are familiar WITH KILL ZONES on the animals you will do well.

    There is NO HI VIS paint on the kill zone. I do well shooting at the bag in the yard with perfect dots. You have to know where the kill zone it. Most of the targets had a quartering away shot, and another slightly quartering to you. You have to know where the vitals are depending on the orientation, and there will be no problem.

    I was one of the few that passes today. I have been shooting since the end of March with my first bow, Bowtech Guardian.

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    congrats bigdaddy... I took my this month (8/07) on the same course... i was surprised at how many missed the first 2 shots...and went home.. had a lot of fun though and already have my card.
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    Default Call

    Call Prince William Sound Community College in Valdez. They will put your name on a list and when we have 4-6 people we usually do a class. You can do the online portion at any time and just do the shooting portion when ready.

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