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Thread: Ruger Hawkeye in 35 Whelen

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    Default Ruger Hawkeye in 35 Whelen

    I see the Ruger Hawkeye comes in 35 Whelen now.

    I think I may have just found the rifle I want to take to Kodiak next spring.
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    Default wish they offered 338-06

    I think that is great they are offering the 35 Whelen, I looked on Ruger's site and shows it with 22 inch barrel. They are stepping out a bit, saw they had 264 Win mag too.

    The Mark II's I like fine, but the Hawkeye's improvements really made me take notice. I've been thinking about getting one in -06 and having it bored to 338. I would want a 24 inch tube I believe, but I saw the 25-06 has 24 inch barrel.

    The 338RCM intersts me some, but not at $224 more (retail-retail) in price. I know I would have more in a 338-06 with a re-bore, but brass would also be easy to come by.

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    Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Been wanting a .35 Whelen for prolly 20 years. Just can't warm up to Rem. 700's, and used Ruger M77's in that caliber are approaching $900 on Gunbroker.
    Went on Ruger's website (just killin' some time before leaving for work) Friday night ... and there it was!!!
    Ran to my local gunshop Saturday morning and placed my order.
    I was really surprised that the distributors have them in stock already. Ruger used to be (in)famous for announcing new products, and leaving dealers and consumers waiting for months for their arrival.
    What added to my amazement was that the shop had 3 boxes of ammo on the shelf. I snatched them up pronto!
    I'm a happy camper.


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    RM: You will not be disappointed in the 35 Whelen. If you don't reload or know someone that has the equipment then you have a new hobby to pursue also. I built one up several years ago after watching what a 35 Winchester did to moose.


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