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Thread: Kukaklek Lk/Branch River

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    Default Kukaklek Lk/Branch River

    Hello Everyone!

    just looking for some info on Kukaklek Lake outlet and section of the Alegnak/Branch river...

    flew in last year to Nonvianuk Lk for a week of float fishing the river... making a return trip this year to try the fishing to the north... then down to the Braids...

    I know there's some whitewater in the Kukaklek section... anyone ever been down there before? I'm just wondering how boatable it is by pontoon boat? A couple buddies and me will be traveling in one 13' fishcat and one 9' pontoon.
    any hotspots to focus fishing on? we have 10 days.


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    All the property at the lake outlet is private, and is actively enforced (personal experience on that). There are a good few stretches of whitewater, one of which will take a bit of experience on the sticks to negotiate.

    I'd look at Nonvianuk Lake for a put in with good camping, and a little more hospitable whitewater runs.

    Good Luck.


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