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    Default Blue Moose Rafting

    Has anyone been into Blue Moose Rafting in Fairbanks in the last few weeks? Seems that everytime we try to call or stop in they are closed, yes even during the posted hours. Thanks for the heads up....

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    Default Food For Thought

    AS In Posted hours over the past two weeks yes we have not been able to open up at 12:30.

    Unfortunately Jim has gone back to work his Fall Job and is no longer available.

    That being said our replacement employee to run day shift i.e from 12:30 to 5:30 has been somewhat un-reliable and of course that is currently being resolved. You are correct showing up at 2:00PM for a 12:30 Start time is not acceptable and I appologive for any waste of your time it may have caused.

    Concerning any weekend closing over the past two weekends we were providing family fun services to Military Memebers and their families i.e. rafting trips and that became all time consuming however that action has been completed.

    Feel free to stop in tonight voice your opinion I will also be there all weekend as well.

    The Shop number is 458-7758 feel free to leave a voice mail we do accept appointments to meet our clients needs earlier than 12:30.


    Richard M Mousseau


    If you have driven to the strore and it is not open at the posted hours please leave me a mesage on my cell phone 460-7758 I will make good on any issues this may have caused.


    Fishing Season has warpped up we can now be in one place most of the time. :-)

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    Good help is hard to find I guess? Sounds like someone needs a help wanted sign.

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    Default Lack of good help can be a showstopper...

    I guess it's tough for local businesses anywhere when good, reliable help isn't available.

    Just this summer, talking to ladies in Cooper Landing where I like to stop for their fresh-made deli sandwiches; they couldn't get the help they needed to make sandwiches to order so they were pre-made this year. Still good, but you know, no fault of their own really. And a small sports business in Anchorage isn't getting the help they need - been looking awhile. Looking ahead, maybe demographics predict the problem will continue? Demographics, Alaska, seasonal work...

    But, I'll vouch for Moose. He made good for me a couple years ago. And this Spring, his guides did a great job for my wife and daughter on their first float. (Ya can appreciate how crucial it was that my wife liked her first float. She no likee, I no new cataraftee!).

    Call Moose up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueMoose View Post

    Fishing Season has warpped up we can now be in one place most of the time. :-)
    Yes... just like that time when I warpped ahead in a video game.

    I am just giving you a hard time, Moose. I promise.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff p View Post
    Good help is hard to find I guess? Sounds like someone needs a help wanted sign.
    Always hard to find good help in the Interior.

    Moose, as a suggestion, if you would be willing to depend and rely on some excellent students, I have one that I would LOVE to refer to you. He was previously a home schooling student and may consider doing that again. He is a sophmore at West Valley and I think that he would be an excellent addition to what you offer, if you are interested?
    Please do let me know.

    In the meantime, I"ll keep my eyes are ears open for someone.
    Any prerequisites?


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