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Thread: Photo panorama with image in motion help

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    Default Photo panorama with image in motion help

    I was really intrigued with the progression (?) diving photos in the Olympics. The images showed a still of the elements, several different positions of the same person, of the dive with the crowd in the background. I searched PS help, Googled terms like “series”, “action”, “progressive” photo panorama and could not find anything. Is there a term for this? I thought about selecting the photos and masking the backgrounds out but didn’t want the detail to drop.

    I’ve been mulling over how to do this for days. I found the series of photos I wanted. Merged the outcropped photos in order and printed it out. Then marked where I needed to crop leaving the height the same and altering the width. I selected to place the photos myself rather then automerge. It took some more adjustments in the cropping but finally got a fairly good lineup. I cropped the entire photo again to get rid of problem areas and square it up, with a little perspective adjustment on the ends.
    Still, there were some areas that do not line up. I blurred out the horizontal boards in the dock in front of me, then cloned the dock from the one photo that was directly in front.
    Dodged the dog and foreground, desaturated the background a little bit.
    I still see some angle issues but wanted to see what you think.

    Is there any other way to do this? When I’m taking photos what should I plan for if I want to do more of these panoramas? This is an Alaska DockDog Fun Jump held in July.
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    Is there any other way to do this? When I’m taking photos what should I plan for if I want to do more of these panoramas?
    Hi Linda,
    I don't know what camera you are shooting, but if possible I would use a wide angle lens setting on a tripod and just use multiple frames per second mode for these types of shots. You may get a small amount of movement out of crowd, but usually not bad and workable.

    Place each shot in a layer in PS and mask out everything except the dog in each shot except for the one shot you want to show the crowd.

    Remember to keep the camera stationary and just take multiple shots, a cable release would help with (no) movement. Also set up with a higher f stop, since you want the dog to be in focus from end to end. This will take a bit of light...

    Try it and let us know how it works for you. You can always crop for the pano appearance, the more pixels in your camera the better.



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