This summer we found DockDogs, Flyball and Lure Coursing to be great fun. Its so much less stress, requires almost no training, with all the ego building excitement for ME but the dogs are crazy nuts now. Both are 6 yr old female Labs. #1 dog has been trained since puppyhood on birds and is steady when reminded. #2 is 6 years old , a rescued reluctant Labrador Retriever ( but an awesome dock jumper). #1 dog is our meat dog. #2 is just for fun. We will be going out grouse hunting this Fall and if we are lucky, duck and goose hunting as well.
I have a few live pigeons well can shoot as flyers and some frozen ducks and pheasants.

Now that the games are over, any suggestions of a program for the next month to gain back some control. I have some ideas, maybe you all have more. I want to be fair, maybe move from bumpers, to frozen, then clip wing then shot flyer over a couple of weeks?

If your interested, one last DockDog jump on Sunday August 24, Lake Lucille Best Western in Wasilla, 12:00. Any dog can do it!