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Thread: ATV Snowblower

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    Default ATV Snowblower

    Does anyone out there have a snowblower on their rig?

    After last years 200 inch snowfall, we've been toying with taking off the plow and fitting a blower.

    They aren't cheap, some are downright ridiculous in price, but it seems like they work pretty well.
    We're looking for something cheaper that works well...

    Any thoughts?
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    I don't have one but I bet you could make the money back in a short time doing other peoples driveways.
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    Unless you are getting a 2 stage model, save your money...
    Unless you have a long driveway, save your money...

    They have a huge turning radius. Worthless on a typical driveway.
    Single stage snowblowers are worth very little when there is over 8-10 inches of snow (less if it is heavy snow).

    IMO - Best snowblowers:

    8 HP Yamaha
    6 HP Yamaha

    Yamaha parts are getting rare and expensive. They quit making them in the mid-90s. They will out perform the Hondas by enough to notice.

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    I'm looking into these too

    Yes they are pricey and yes they do have tradeoffs

    But if you have plenty of space to THROW the snow into, and not a lot of space to PUSH the snow into (or you're afraid of running out of room) I think they could be an answer

    about the same cost as a quality plow setup NEW although you can find a good used plow pretty readily

    on the other hand when using one of these you're "out in it" instead of in the nice warm cab of your truck

    on the OTHER other hand plowing is tough on a truck........vs pushing around a snow blower with a wheeler....... the thrower gets rid of the weight vs having to push it around

    I need one in about 2 years to hear other people's experiences with these rigs

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    O've been thinking about one of these set ups on my argo think it would work well on one of these rigs

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    Default I had one......

    It was mounted on a 1995 Polaris 6x6. The blower was a 48 inch wide Kimpex, 2 stage unit, driven by an 11 hp Honda. It threw snow like you would not believe, when it worked.. The Honda was amazing, but the rest of it was really underbuilt, in my opinion. It was basically made out of sheet metal and the bearings were not very heavy duty. Therefore, I spent quite a bit of time straightening it out, etc. It was a pain in the @#%. Maybe the newer ones are built better.

    On top of that, the Polaris was just as poorly made, but that's another story.

    I now just plow snow with my Honda Foreman, but we don't get a lot of snow in Soldotna.

    Good luck.


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    Question Fullkurl?

    Hello Fullkurl;
    I can get the Kimpex ones at a fairly reasonable price, I have access to 1 2008 leftover and more 2009's
    Here is a link

    The ones I have available in stock are 48" and have the 13HP motor, the 2008 is model specific for mounting hardware so let me know what you want to put it on and I will get you a quote, it will be considerably cheaper than the 2009 just to move it out. the 2009 has the universal mounting that is shown on the website.

    The argo guys might want the 54" model??
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    Default fullkurl

    I just sent you a PM
    19' Lowe Roughneck
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    IME snowthrowers works well only in certain snow conditions. If the snow is light and powdery it shoots well (and coats the operator well) If the snow is wet/heavy, it gums up the work (eventually) and the thrower canopy needs to be cleaned off or it becomes encased in an icy mess.
    The plow definitely has significant limitations, but is also generally faster and much cheaper. When snow gets really deep you end up spending a fair amount of time beating against snowbanks etc, but I think you get more bang for your buck with a plow.
    In the future I'll only return to using a snowthrower if I have a hard cab (and tractor with hydro trans)

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    Default ATV snow blower

    I own a snow hogg. It puts 0 weight on the wheeler. It is heavy duty and I have been using it for 3 years w/o trouble. Eats ice and snow and a few rocks with ease.

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    Default mho

    ok the idea of one of these are cool and i have thought about it maybe some day but the best reason is i see fun in riding the 4x4 while blowing snow
    and i think it would be cheaper in the long run over my old beat up ford trk

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    Default Sears

    Of all things Sears has a snow blower made by Agri-Fab (in US) that is a heavier unit. It is made to work on smaller tractors and ATV's. I was thinking of this one for the Argo. Worth checking at Sears on-line


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