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    I had bought some Rocky Hunting boots about a year ago and had a bear hunt that I wore them on and hiked any where from 20 to 25 miles in 3 days. The worst pair of boots I'd ever worn, I had blissters all over my feet. After I had went back to the bussiness that I had bought them from I was told they were not intended to hike as far as I had. Just wondering what would be a reasonably priced, comfortable, boot to buy that I could wear for hiking or hunting a varity of animals?

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    Default Boots

    Check out this thread I started a couple weeks ago. I ended up buying the Perfekt 10 Hunting Boot by Meindl. Haven't came in yet.

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    Rocky is a quality boot maker. You may have chosen a boot not suited for the conditions and your blisters may simply be a result of you overextending yourself. If you're not conditioned to long hikes and you push yourself through a rough back-country hunt, you usually end up in pain. Also, I cannot overstate the importance of high quality socks. If you were out there with just regular cotton tube socks you're lucky you have feet left.

    Socks and boots are like shocks and springs--one's not much good without the other, and when they're well matched to the terrain they make the ride soooo much more comfortable.

    For humping the hills after game, especially if you'll be carrying a heavy pack you want boots with a heel counter and a stiff toe box.

    Be ready to drop about 200.00 to 250.00 (or more)


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