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Thread: Need Sheep / Griz Guide

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    Default Need Sheep / Griz Guide

    Okay folks,

    One more job opportunity here; A friend of mine needs a guide for one sheep / grizzly combo hunt. The dates are August 30-Sept. 9. I think an Assistant Guide would work for this hunt.

    Drop me a PM and let's talk! Time is short!

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    Default Sheep Guide

    Mike you mention an assistant guide would do. Question I have is; what are the regulation requirements as a guide in relationship to having a guide to hunt in Alaska. A non resident requires a guide. Con this be an assistant guide, does it have to be a master guide. Can a non resident hire his own assistant guide and thus meet the regulations?

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    I believe contracted hunts have to be done through a registered guide. You don't need a master guide to go on a guided hunt, the term "Master Guide" is more of a status type deal.


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