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Thread: 23 October, 2008

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    So I finally have an itinerary and I will be pulling into Anchorage and reporting to Elmendorf on the 23rd. I'll be coming from Tok so I expect to leave early and arrive around lunchtime. I would like to be fishing by 2 or 3pm. Any reccomendations? Worst case scenario I'll find the lakes on base and fish a bit there.


    Oh, how long until there's enough ice for ice fishing in Anchorage/Mat-su?
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    23 Oct 08? Fishing by 2 or 3? The way the weather is going this year, it'll be ice fishing. There will be ice, hopefully the ice will be thick enough. The base lakes are stocked and there are some good size trout in some of them, especially lower 6 mile. Finding them is easy. I've fished all of them at one time or another.
    Take your time driving, its 328 miles and the weather that time of the year will make it harder. Better to be careful and be later then wind up iun a ditch. The highways up here are not what you find in the lower 48. Have a safe trip.


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