first of all,an apologhy---i am a computer idiot so i will be giving descriptions(not links)--sorry---from the bottom up---wading boots--cabelas backcountry model--great boot-cleated rubber sole--never slipped---waders---simmms blackfoot--bottom of the line price wise--served it's purpose perfectly------when not wearing waders---boots--danner santiam--these were for days walking along creeks and meadows,just in/out of water jumping out of the skiff and crossing streams-great----pants--sporthill expedition and sitka gear 90%--both great----jacket--barney's frontier gear brooks range---very lightand warm(almost too warm a few days) ---even though the waders/jacket and pants performed well ,still used helly hansen impertech jacket as an outmost layer---scabbard---nomar's weatherproof ---absolutely dry---and it floats(checked this with a load of rocks just for kicks) ----backpack--cabelas boundary waters---absolutely dry--well padded shoulder straps---happy to have along!!!----the hunt took place the first 2 weeks of may--chicagoff island--based on a boat---rain/sleet/snow(1 clear day)--highest temp was 40--low was low 20's overnight---thanks to all who provided info along the way on gear selection--gear was NEVER a problem on this hunt!!!