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Thread: Airports or landing strips

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    Default Airports or landing strips

    Was wondering if anyone had a strip or airport they just dont like landing at for any reason? If so please share it, I know I sometimes have a hard time reading the wind at Port Alsworth.


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    Default Girdwood

    I don't think i would go as far as to say i don't like landing at Girdwood. I always like a good challenge, But it is always very decieving to me with the tall trees, rising terrain on three sides, the prince hotel and tram (wires and cables do a good job making me extra aware ), and a wind sock the seems to never really point in the right direction. This combination of factors always seems to make my approaches there to high, and then to fast due to the hight. Needless to say, it often ends up with a second approach. Seems to be the only place i have this problem. At least on a regular basis anyway.

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    Default Goose Bay :(

    Granted I havent been into goose bay for a while but last time I was in there people had taken their 4 wheelers on the runway and whipped donuts until there was some nice 6" ruts going every which direction all up and down the runway.


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