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Thread: Fairbanks Based Fishing Fly-in Services?

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    Default Fairbanks Based Fishing Fly-in Services?

    Looking for recommendations for a fishing trip flying out of Fairbanks. Want a reputable business that knows where to put folks where some big lake and rainbow trout are hiding. Live here locally, but just started researching fly in possiblilties.

    Any info greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Have never used them as I use my boat.

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    Default Not a bad option

    Rick run's a good operation. If I am not mistaken the Bow fishing is at Dune Lake and it is reasonable however far from being a trophy rainbow fishery.

    To be honest the combination of Big Lakers and Big Rainbows in our part of the state are limited if available at best. Dicky Lake is an option but an extreme commitment float to get out at low water. To be honest you might have better ATV options in or around unit 13 South of the Denali highway. :-)

    You might have to look at completing the task of chasing those fish on seperate trips or be prepared to spend many days in the field and do a remote Lake Trout gig then fly into a lake and float out into a river system in order to getter done. Just food for thought.

    Other options would be to look to the south of Fairbanks and find combo fishing like Lake Clark area or King Salmon

    Hope I helped Sorry if I did not!

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    Default Rick does a good job!

    I'll second what Moose said. Rick runs a top line operation. Have fished with his service about 7-8 times. Every time with good success and have a blast. He sets you up with a good cabin and boat. He's very punctual and keeps to his word.


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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    Thanks for the replies, guys - it seems Rick is the way to go. And yes, maybe trying to get both bows and lakers on the same trip is aking a bit much.........

    See you guys are town,


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    Default Marina Air

    You will be happy with Rick. He runs a top notch operation. Here are a few fish from his trips. I have fished with him on three trips.

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