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Thread: Alaska Brown Bear

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    Default Alaska Brown Bear

    Does anyone know of a good webs resource site that contains the record book entries for state records for brown bear taken with bow or rifle?
    Marc Theiler

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    Good places to start:

    Safari Club International

    Pope and Young (Archery)

    Boone and Crockett (Rifle)
    Now what ?

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    Default I know

    I already know about those sites, yet I am not paying at this time to access a few records. I was wondering if Alaska has ever published it's own record book on big game animals.
    Marc Theiler

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    I dont beleive the state has published a book but there is one out there just on AK trophies. I cant find it right now but I have seen it. I'll keep looking and if I find I will let ya know.

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    Default book

    alaska bowhunters has a record book for archery taken records - I happened to see one for sale used at title wave books on thursday - I own a older one and would like to look at a more recent version

    good luck


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