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Thread: Coleman Scanoe?

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    Default Coleman Scanoe?

    Anyone have much experience with the 17' Coleman Scanoe (square back)

    Looking at picking one of these up used for hunting lakes and such with a small outboard and oars/paddles. Wondering about stability, capacity etc.


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    I have one. I use it for floating small rivers and lakes. I have a 5 hp on the back and it can handle everything I have tried to do with it. It is rated for 900 pounds and I have had it over 800 with no problem. If you took a moose you would probably need to make a meat run and then make a gear run.
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    Default good stability

    These boats are popular and have done well in most applications.
    You won't win many races in a coleman, but the Poly material they are constructed from is proven and holds up when bouncing off rocks in the small streams and rivers. They don't paddle well but with power, they do the job.
    I see alot of scanoes going down the swanson river every summer and for that they work fine.
    small lakes where large waves are not a problem would be the places I would try to hang out when using one.
    very stable, as they have an almost flat 44 inch flat bottom.
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    Newer ones have a soft unsupported rear keel area and if stored improperly will warp causing much issue with small outboards from the cavitation of the prop. Sold mine almost as fast as I got it. The older version with the aluminum interior tubing are excellent for most work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK2AZ View Post
    The older version with the aluminum interior tubing are excellent for most work.
    I completely agree. I have had both the newer and older versions and the older are just about tanks. Hard to destroy and can handle anything. If you had to choose take the older one.

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    Default Aluminum is the only way to

    I have used coleman canoes and found that after time the bottoms get warpage and catch air bubbles and throw balance off I prefur my 17' aluminum cargo I have had it for 10 years and have modifed it with
    g-channel side3 rails for a stiffer upper which now has a 3/4 canopy that fits on to cover my cargo plus it can use a 9.8HP OUTBOARD for going up some of the stronger current rivers and for jumping beaver dams etc.
    So if it's a canoe you want for a long time go aluminum.

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    Question 17' cargo canoe?

    indiantom ....

    Is your 17' cargo canoe a square stern? Which maker?

    What are "g-channel side3 rails"?

    Is your "canopy" a spray skirt or a tent?

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    I spent a world of time in one when I was a kid.

    I have one now.

    I hope it is near me throughout SE.
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    Default Good Workhorse

    I've had one for years and have used it a lot and like it. Nothing fancy. More stable than most canoes but less stable than a raft. Looks like others have covered the topic pretty well.

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    Default Coleman scanoe's

    Do they make a scanoe smaller than 17' i'm looking for one to put in my air boat for hunting. Thank's.


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