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Thread: whats biting in september??

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    Default whats biting in september??

    I will be in alaska the last two weeks in september, doing the "loop" in an rv.
    Will any salmon be running this late in the year??
    Any hot spots i should try along my route??
    In general, just looking for some info on the fishing and maybe some spots to check out.


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    Default What's biting?

    Your bill for petrol will be the biggest bite if you attempt to you run all those destinations!

    What you've indicated is a lot of road. With Anchorage as your gateway city I would suggest a split between a southern and northern route. Go south and enjoy the Kenai Peninsula via the Seward and Sterling Highways all the way down to Homer. Then return through Anchorage and do the northern route via the Palmer Highway as far as you like. The distict advantantage of this plan is that if you are on the harvest, you can store and freeze your goods in Anchorage mid-way into your trip.

    Both routes should have plenty of fish. Neither will be a loop. Alaska's roadway systems are one way runs and none of them offer looping. And Alaska certainly isn't Maine. You'll find you'll continually want to pull over just to get out and enjoy all the great things you are about to discover. That is why I've recommended that you don't attempt to bite off more than what you can chew.

    For further enhancement check out or visit the bookstore on this very site. A guidebook would help you tremendously...


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