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    Default Widetracks...

    Looking at getting a heavy duty hauler with a four-strk or advanced 2-strk (SDI) engine... 20" wide track is plenty... need passenger seat for the Mrs...

    Anyone using the VK Professional out there? The new Bearcats look impressive. Has the Skidoo V-800 engine proven itself to be cold-proof?

    I'm not brand oriented, just looking for the best widetrack with good fuel economy and load pulling ability....

    Terrain here varies from bare tundra and bare ice to deep powder...


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    I occasionally ride my 2-stroke VK540 III. I love it. I can't wear it out. When I do I'll buy a Professional without hesitation. Yamaha wide tracks ride better than the competition. My Vikings have been fantastic machines. Reliable, tough, and comfortable, especially the 3rd generation sled. The 4th generation Professional is better in every respect. The only other machine that's close is the SkiDoo SUV (I think that's what it's called). The 600 SDI engine is awesome and it rides great. I haven't seen one pulling anything worthy of calling heavy, though. Bearcats and Polaris Wide Tracks aren't contenders in my opinion unless you get a smoking deal.

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    Thumbs up Just do it!!!

    Been using VK Pro's for 2yrs. on the Willow Trail Comm. Can't beat them!! Get a hold of Mike at Alaska House of Yamaha in Big Lake. He will take care good of you!
    Also have a 4-stroke 05 Bearcat it's a good machine but I wore the track off it! 11,000 miles of grooming!!! I would go see Doug at Eagle River AC/Polaris
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