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    I jus used a mountain hardwear softshell rain coat on my recent sheep hunt lasted in the rain the first day beaded up and rolled right of second day it soaked all the way through. Any other problems with thier products it was a pretty spendy jacket to fail on me in the field.

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    rain gear is made of rubber. underwear is made of you know.
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    Good one yeah should have just used my impertech but wanted to give it a try!

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    A softshell jacket from any company is only water resistant and will eventually wet out. If it is a steady rain I would recommend using a hard shell rain jacket.


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    Yeah, softshell have a DWR (durable water resistance) coating on them that allows the water to bead off.. and water resistant length is doing to depend on how old your dwr is... but you really don't want to be wearing softshells in extended rain. I use my softshells for skiing, ice climbing, and the like. i would go with hyvent, precip, or goretex.... there are a couple other that I cannot think of right now. All of these materials are waterproof and breathable. The precip and the hyvent are going to have the same dwr on them (if is wears off use revivex) but the waterproof part is the white layer on the inside.

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    Ya, the TNF Hyvent DT is pretty darn good. I've had a Venture jacket and pants for a few years. It's not just DWR treated fabric. I can't say that it's ever actually soaked through. I have gotten wet from the inside out from hiking but that's to be expected. A few weeks ago I spent a day riding my atv in the rain and spent several miles (and hours) busting through soaked brush. The outer nylon fabric was of course wet but the inner PU coating kept the water out. I was also sitting on a wet seat and had no water soak through the pants. Works for me.

    HyVent DT is an applied Polyurethane (PU) coating combined with a DT print matrix which acts as a dry-touch, ‘Half-Layer’ coating. This DT half layer adds durability and comfort by physically separating the HyVent coating from the skin."

    HyVent Fabric®
    The North Face HyVent is a waterproof and breathable polyurethane-based membrane designed as a more affordable option for complete weather protection. While it is slightly less breathable than Gore-Tex® laminates it is extremely waterproof and can be counted on as a dependable protective outer layer. This combination of high waterproofness and breathability makes it ideal for keeping the elements out. To increase the comfort and breathability level of the coating, The North Face employ precise custom lining options and core venting in all garments. All Hyvent garments are fully seam sealed.
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