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Thread: 08 Sheep Hunt, unsuccessful...

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    My "first attempt" this year was unsuccessful, but highly rewarding from a personal perspective. You see, this year it was me carrying my pack, rifle, and necessary gear on my OWN DIY hunt. Having only a few days to work with, my partner and I elected to take three days prior to the opener in hopes of securing some good real estate and "sit" on a ram if opportunity knocked. The first day, we spotted two immature rams and two 3/4 to 7/8 rams that required another closer viewpoint. Due to some fog, heavy cloud cover and lots of rain, we decided to look into another drainage. Spotted only one more ram that day... Day two found me excited to check on the two possibilities from day 1. It was a feat reaching the top of ridge with my recent back surgery and both knees with meniscal tears. We glassed and used the spotter to confirm our efforts; two 7 yr old rams! Disheartening, yes, undaunted non the less. At the close of day two soaked from the onslought of rain showers/sleet, we settled in for day 3. The next morning I awoke a little stiff, a tad sore, but ready to find the elusive Orvis Orvis Dollie. We met up with some other friends to put more eyes on the mountains. After glassing a few canyons, we saw nothing but caribou, some were nice bulls I might add. Wait, what is that moving along that ridge? Looky there, a HUGE brownie! We watched him for a few hours, but his location would not yield an attempt to try to put a stalk on him. More than 3/4 of a mile accross the canyon, way too far for a "pop" shot. The old boar dug a little cave, took a nap and when he awoke, made a v-line straight up and over into the next drainage! It was steep and I was impressed with his tenacity and upset he didn't work into our game plan, oh well, back to the sheep! After a solid day of glassing multiple drainages and no sheep (aside from lambs and ewes) we were getting down on our luck. Low an behold, here comes the snow, fog and some real crappy weather for August! The whole valley was encased in heavy fog and you couldn't see beyond 200 yds. Tuff going, we elected to head out and look at a different location. Day 4, opening moring... with no legal sheep to be found in previous attempts, day 4 was the most beautiful day; clear skies, no rain and some sun! We knew we were in a good area (flown earlier in the week) but just could not locate them rams! We decided to head back in. 6 hours later finds us back on top of the ridgeline glassing our honey hole. It's past noon and we have yet to find a ram. After a quick lunch we decided to look one LAST time. Eureka! Behold two fine speimens, beyond full curl. We quickly got our packs in order, loaded up and headed down into the drainage and up onto the next ridge. About 10 minutes later, there was a loud pronounced "boom" with 3 more behind it. What the heck??? We scrambled over the top of the ridge to see 3 hunters coming up from the other side blasting away at over 500 yds at the sheep we were going to go after. Luckily they missed, but the sheep bolted out like lightning, gone in a flash, the persuit is over. Well, this wrapped up our first attempt as we headed out and back to the low country. I still know there are some large rams in the area. We're going to wait until the pressure subsides and go back in, when??? All I know is this year is off to a rough start, but I will percivere and keep searching for that magical white ram, Orvis Orvis Dollie.
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    You got the right attitude MN, never give up. I'm headed back out in the next week or 2 myself to give it another shot. The area you talked about sounds kind of familiar with the talk of caribou, hopefully we are miles apart!


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