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Thread: Swarovski bino lens covers

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    Default Swarovski bino lens covers

    Has any tried to but butler creek scope covers on the objective lens of Swarovski SLC 10X42 binocs?? If so what size did ya use?


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    Default lens covers...

    No, never tried Butler caps on my 10x42 SLC's. My factory caps never stayed on so I bought a "Bino Shield" made by Crooked Horn Outfitters at Sportsmans Warehouse. It covers the entire binocs. I love it. I don't use any lens cap now, just cover the binos with the bino shield. It also has a small zippered pouch on the front where I can keep a lens cloth. Actually, my digital camera also fit's in the small front pouch as well so it's really handy to take pics while hunting.

    Thought I would share this idea cause my factory caps never stayed on either. At least I assume that's why your looking at Butlers for your binos???

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    I purchased the 10x42 SLC's last winter used from the bargin cave at Cabela's. They didn't have any lens covers, so I contacted Swaro and ordered both ocular and objective covers. They fit just fine, no problems with them falling off or anything. If this is/was the problem with yours, maybe they changed the design to fit better. This probably doesn't help you, I don't know, just wanted to let you know that you can order them and they should fit fine.


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