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Thread: Eagle Rock Pinks Galore!

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    Smile Eagle Rock Pinks Galore!

    Two of us anchored near Eagle Rock, in the lower Kenai River, and averaged 11 Pinks per hour yesterday. They struck, fought and were released serially, until we got worn out. Any lure that was shiny and wiggled a bit did the trick, with medium flatfish (K9) and Mepps spinners (4 +5) the standouts. Tremendous work-out for the fish and us! And, as a special treat, a few silvers were mixed in. And all the folks fishing from the shoreline did well also, casting straight out into the sluggish current.

    They ARE here!

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    You forgot to mention the guy that did a swan dive into the river to retrieve the silver salmon that he dropped and was trying to get away. I still don't know how he managed to get it back, but is sure looked funny from where I was sitting.

    Anyone thinking of going down to fish at eagle rock, the pinks are thick especially around high tide. They are easily reached from shore. I just wished the shore anglers wouldn't drag the fish across the gravel when they are going to release them.

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    Yip Eagle Rock = Fun. Kids love it there.

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    Was at Eagle Rock this weekend and had fun with the pinks. One of the state parks off of Funny River Rd. had a better ratio of silvers to pinks.


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