I know it's too early to fish for winter kings, but it would be nice to start thinking about how and where. I live in Ketchikan and have a 18 foot skiff with 40hp outboard and access to fish finder (800 ft. depth). I know that they go deep (150-250 feet) and can be caught deep trolling near bottom, but I want to jig for them. I am thinking about this because a few of my friends and I were jigging for halibut and one of them caught a shaker king (best estimate 24 inches) with a 6.5 ounce white crippled herring scented with herring oil at 180 feet. I was shocked! My question is where are some prime habitat locations for winter kings and which jigs would be best? I don't expect people to give up specific locations, but let me know what structures to look for, points of land, herring balls, etc. And let me know if this is worth the effort.