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Thread: Homer Report - Hooked on to the big one

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    Although the weather was decent throughout the weekend, Sunday was nearly perfect.

    We kicked the weekend off by dropping our two crab pots off out past the one mile bouy. One was at 325 and the other at 550 ft. Our luck as usual was bad, dismal actually. Over the past two weekends we have captured three starfish, one large octopus, eight dungeness ( all females, all under sized), small shrimp, a snail looking creature, hermit crabs, and one small, female tanner. We've tried other locations, different bait, invocations, still zip.

    However, halibut fishing was good.

    Nothing happening around Flat island Saturday so we went off in the direction of Pt. Adam and struck pay dirt. In 95-195 feet a drift at the afternoon flood proved successful both days. Averaging 35-80lbs, the flat fish were cooperative. We did not find fish off of Koyuktolik Bay this weekend but 100 - 125 a week ago it was good.

    Saturday we hooked onto a large skate. They are wierd and bizarre looking animals, with a formidable tail that curves up and looks like it is about to strike out but when brought to the boat it proved to be a docile beast and smiled a crooked mouth for the camera.

    On Sunday, the weather was even better. The fish were a little smaller 20-35 lbs. but there was plenty of action. We did have one surprise. My buddy was dropping his line when suddenly it started unwinding from the reel at a faster rate --- directly sideways from the boat. He called my attention with a "what in the world" ? We looked up to see a humpback whale come to the surface, roll, show us flukes and it's tail. The line quit running out and the whale slowly steamed off toward Elizabeth Island.

    We had no idea the whale was underneath the boat and the whole thing took maybe a minute or two. Some how the whale was caught up in the descending line, realized it and rolled over to untangle itself. The weight, hook and line were all recovered. But, the whale left two befuddled and astonished faces laughing but not really believing what had just happened.

    A little sunshine, no wind or rain, scenery, wildlife, a full moon glistening over the back ground of Kachemak Bay in the evening, good fishing, and meeting some friendly people and swapping stories, --- it was a nice Homer weekend.

    PS: A group of fishmen relayed the story of a pod of orcas swimming about their boat ---they even reached over to pet one that floated right next to their boat. They said last week dozens of orcas were literally blocking the entrance into the boat channel into Homer harbor.

    Alaska is an interesting place to live.

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    Man that is one awsome trip!!


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