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Thread: Kidney?

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    Default Kidney?

    For the first time I've noticed, the kidneys are part of the salvage requirements for some species in some units.

    I'm pretty good with cooking heart. I love good liver. But I am stumped on what I'd do with the kidneys.

    Who here cooks 'em? And how?

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    Default Travel Channel

    You might try watching the travel channel if you have access to it. Watch Bizzar foods with Andrew Zimmerman or No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. These shows will give you so many ideas on how to cook things it is incredible. Kidney is good eating by the way, try a simple pan fry in butter with spices to see if you like the flavor and it may inspire you to find some new recipies.

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    I've cooked beef kidneys by wrapping them tightly in foil w/ some sliced onion, salt and pepper. Like a baked potato. I grill for about an hour at med-high heat. Turning a few times. They taste a little like firm liver. Real high in cholesterol and fat, but good.

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    there is ONLY one way to cook kindey.... toss in a pot of water, boil the pissouta them....
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    Default just a few ways to cook kidney

    Moose kidneys can be cooked as in the same manner as heart. Sauté until browned and crispy small pieces of kidney fat. Add kidney cut into small bite size pieces, sliced onions and salt and pepper. Fry until done, but don’t overcook. Serve with home made highbush cranberry ketchup and for a hearty breakfast with hash browns.

    Kidney meat pie has been a recipe that has been around for centuries.

    And here are just a few fancy recipes that I found on the web… and there’s lots more.

    Moose Bourguignon

    Kidney in Tomato Sauce kidney+recipes&source=web&ots=lKAB-i3bcB&sig=AJexulE6j45-aC7x9wHhrImtaKU&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=5 &ct=result

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