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Thread: RM764 Info.

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    Default RM764 Info.

    I'm going to hunt RM764 next week and was wondering if any one had any info on the area. I hunted it last year but there were more zones open last year. I went through Ferry Trail last year but now it looks like a LONG ride to get to zone 2B. I was wondering if there is any way over or around the river on the Delta Jct. side?

    I have to project my leave a year out and have been planning this hunt all year. But like I said this year they've closed a couple of the zones that weren't closed last year. Any help is greatly appriciated. I attached the map of the hunt area.

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    I think , though I have not done it, that the way to hunt that would be to take a raft across the delta to zone 6B.

    I have a small jet boat that allows me to hunt the wood river but, even to get to where 2B opens, would require me to travel about 20 miles further up the wood than I already do, virtualy putting it out of my reach. I hunt farther up that river than nearly any other boats I see there as it is. I will be hunting the wood this year again for I did draw the "any bull" tag.

    Look into 6B and good luck on your hunt .

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    Default Crossing

    Is it possible to cross in a 10 ft rigid alumunim floor inflatable with a 10hp along the Richardson Highway??...either drifting or motoring...considersing going across and putting my little Sportsman 90 in the I can cruise along in that once I cross


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