Picked one last week from Sportsman's Warehouse. First impression this baby is awesome, weighs about the same as my Badlands 2200 except you can carry twice as much gear. Take the top pack off and it compress's down to the size of the 2200. Went on a 3 mile hike Saturday morning with about 40 pounds first thing I noticed was how your back does not sweat hardly at all compared to the 2200 great venilation and comfort with this suspension system, I'm usually soaked within about 10 minutes with the badlands but not with the Bivy pack. Seemed to carry the weight much better also. There is also a meat shelf that folds out and a rifle holder, the rifle carrier is pretty slick it holds your rifle really tight and you know how when you attach your rifle to a pack it always seems to unbalance your pack and you can really notice its there but with this system you can tell there's extra weight but it does not feel unbalanced at all. The pack material I believe will be completly water proof also it seems to be made out of the same material as the nimbus rain gear. First impressions I really like it time will tell. Should be a great back for you sheep,goat, and caribou hunters. There are several pictures over on 24 hour campfire, Sitka Bivy 45 Pack?????