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    I am curious if anyone has had luck calling in moose as early as the first week in September. We will be the unit 13 area. I have been succesful later in the season but never tried this early. I have heard that soft grunts and scrapes might work ealy, but that cow calls and loud grunts do not. Anyone have an opinion from past experience? Thanks Chef

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    Just watched a bow hunt last night that took place in the Little Delta River area. They called in 6 sublegal bulls and 1-60+ incher using bull grunts and scraping. This all happened on the 1st day of the hunt which was on Sept. 5th.

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    Default Early rut this year.

    Had a small bull in my yard last night dogging a cow. They were both making all kinds of noise. Friends down in Delta are seeing the same thing. Should be an early rut this year with the cool weather. Good conditions for calling in the early season.

    Hopefully he sticks around, only two weeks till opening!!!


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