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    Looking for a river to have fun catching chums and pinks, and maybe a few silvers this weekend on my fly rod. I live in Fairbanks so was looking at the parks highway streams. I've been reading the threads and it sounds like they are all slow and crowded. Any advice would be great! Thanks.


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    Cool You are right

    They are slow and crowded. Forget the flies though.... better luck using roe right now. Was at Willow this weekend, baitslingers were outfishing everyone else, particularly EARLY morning. Heard Montana was full of chums and pinks, with not many silvers.... But I found just the opposite at Willow, lots of silvers but very few chums and pinks being caught. You want a silver, soak some 2cents anyway....

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    I will be going down to Anchorage from Fairbanks myself, to drop off stuff for a move and then to fish; probably down fri and back sat. Wasn't sure whether to fish whatever I passed on the way or to just speed on down and then fish Bird or something. I don't mind pinks and chums if they're not falling off the bone already.

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    Default valdez

    So many even an Obama supporter could catch pinks there on the other side of the bay. Literaly thousands, with plenty of bears! Good Luck.


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