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    Here is a great article written by John_Pennell about the Take a Soldier Fishing program.

    Thanks John.

    Ron Miller

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    Thumbs up awesome

    A big Heart Felt SALUTE to those of you who have fished these soldiers and for them for serving. I will be on the kenai for 2 weeks in september and when I have my dates totally set up ill be sending out a post for an open seat in my boat to fish a soldier too. All they will have to do is show up. All I can promise is a great day on the upper kenai and hopefully a few bows and dollies and a chance to thank them for serving. Great read and keep up the awesome work guys
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    Definately a good story and thank you for writing it John. Look forward to working with you in the future. Later Mike

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    not the most desirable place on earth.


    Hats off to you Ron!!! I am in the service and stationed up here as well. I think it is great that you even used your own boat!!! Its tough to get out and any little bit helps when those that cant get out get a chance... If I get a second tour up here, I will retire up here and I will do the same. Once I know for sure that I will finish my 20 up here I will be looking for a boat.

    Once again hats off to you and the many others that volunteer their time to help military members fish and leave them with a big ole .



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