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Thread: Hooks on Halibut jigs

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    Default Hooks on Halibut jigs

    I have some 18oz butterfly jigs that came with 10/0 trebble hooks. Should i change them out for a 12/0 Gama big river hook? I plan on putting a big chunk of herring on them. Thoughts?

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    Thumbs up Assist hook.....

    I would put a 10/0 or 9/0 assist hook on the top of it and fish it. If your anchored you can put 2 on there and one if drift fishing. Put a split ring on the top and a welded ring on the split ring. Then attach the assist hook to the welded ring by running the hook back thru it's own line. Lots of info on fishing with assist hooks on the web. I have caught a lot of fish with a jig rigged that way.


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