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Thread: "Stiffer" 8wt?

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    Default "Stiffer" 8wt?

    Hi, I've got a Cabela's Three Forks 8wt fly rod (I think 3 or 4 pc) that I've used for 2 years now for Kenai reds. I love the rod as it refuses to bust no mattter what happens and it seems to be farily "soft" most of the way to the handle and I use that to coax fish in (keeping the rod low and parallel to the water). The rod was not expensive (I upgraded the reel last year a model I bought from TW; also not expensive, but easy to use and easy to service (after dropping on gravel/sandy banks numerous times!).
    Anyway, I like the light weight of the 8wt as it's easy to use for hours on end, I was wondering if someone has a 9' "stiffer" 8wt that's not expensive (under 100 bucks). Basically looking for something with a little more backbone (or is that the purpose of a heavier rod?) but not sacrifice overall light weight or sensitivity at the tip.
    My buddy got a 9 wt. Lamiglas from TW on sale for 57.00; seems right up my alley except they ran out of them quickly; shoulda bought one right away at that price, even if I didn't really need it! Never hurts to have a backup!

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    Thumbs up Redington @

    I have a Redington RedFly2 that I love. Here's a link to where I get mine

    The guy who owns the company, Mike, is very knowledgeable and has awesome customer service. Shipping is very cheap if not free depending on what you get. Tell him Travis sent you if you decide to go with them. The rod I mentioned is on sale for $99 now....
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    Thumbs up rods...

    It is my experience that the lighter and faster (stiffer) a fly rod is, the more it cost. The best fast action rods on the market are by Scott, Sage, and similar. You are talking about $400-600 rods. In general, most all budget rods are slower (flimsy) and are heavier. With that being said, faster is not always better. Some people like medium action rods, some faster, etc.. One thing to consider is that they cast very differently. Your timing with a slow, medium, or fast rod will vary quite a bit. So you need to be sure to be in tune with what you like. Assuming you want a fast action rod that is lightweight, you will have a hard time finding one in the price range you mentioned. There is one rod that sticks out in my mind as an exception. We floated the Goodnews last Aug/Sept for silvers. My buddy bought a rod to take as a spare in case his main rod was broken. He got a Powell rod from Sierra Trading Post. Cost about a hundred bucks, and it cast like a rod 3x that price. It is a fast action rod and has a lifetime warranty from Powell. He used it a lot more than he had planned as he was so impressed by it. I cast it myself and I too was impressed. Not being smug, but I had taken a pair of $600 Scott S3s 8 weights and did not expect to be "impressed" by this rod. That was not the case. This rod cast extremely well and if I had not recently bought so many new rods, I would have ordered one myself upon returning home from the Goodnews. It was an impressive rod for sure. Below is a link to the Powell Edge rod at Sierra Trading Post.
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    Becareful Jim. Faster and stiffer is not always better. I've found this out the hard way. Started building rods on fast, high modulous grahite blanks and ended up breaking all of them multiple times. The higher modulous graphite tends to be more brittle and will not hold up like IM6 graphite or fiberglass blended rods.
    I'm familiar with the Cabelas Three Forks Series and they are a slow rod. Something in the class of med-fast will be a good starting point for your new rod. I can't recommend a particular name brand because I looking for a new rod as well. However, people have suggested a Lamiglass to me, so that's where I'll start looking. Likewise, I build my own, so I'm just looking for a blank.

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    Default cheechako with advice

    Before you get a new rod ask yerself some questions like:
    How much am I gonna us this thing, what am I fishing (salt, fresh, or both), am I making 90 foot cast with wind resistant bugs or am I flipping for reds? There is reason some rods cost 700 and some cost 39.95...and I firmly believe that the reason is not just as a status symbol... it's performance. If you fish a lot then you CANNOT go wrong with the Sage Z-axis. I have fished and owned Powell, Winston, St. Croix, Redington, and Sage. They all have good and bad qualities, the worst being price. I taught a buddy of mine to fish back in June of 2005 (remember the month 'cuz we were throwing big salmon flies). He was instantly hooked on the sport. Over the space of a year he spent enough on "upgrading" his rods that he could have bought a Z-axis and a sweet reel to match it. He started with a $50 job from Sportsmans and so on, now he's got a great all around Winston. If you are dead set against blowing too much dough then I would suggest (for all around use) a 9 foot 8wt 4 piece St. Croix Legend Ultra. These are the BEST rods for the money. I would agree that the Powell rods on sierratradingpost are sweet, too, but I don't know about the Powell warranty anymore. I have never broken a rod but I like the fact that if I do then I have that unconditional warranty. If this rod is too pricey still then I would probably go for a Temple Fork TiCrX or Redington CPS. I've casted them and though they don't feel as stiff in the butt, they feel stout enough............Short story long......get this one and you can't go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default I guess...

    what I want is a "better" 8 wt rod for fishing reds. I want light weight, and a little more stiffness, and it has to be pretty much un-breakable, and also cheap!!!
    Kinda like the "one boat for everything" theme!
    I'm just gonna get that Lamiglas 9 wt when TW gets more of them (maybe I'll just have to make another trip to Alaska just to take delivery of my new 57.00 flyrod! Any excuse will work.
    P.S. I just got a 6 wt, another cheapo combo outfit from Cabela's, but didn't use it as I thought it'd be great for Hope pinks; maybe next year it'll get a chance on Kenai reds!
    Thanks everyone for all the advice,


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