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Thread: Leupold Mark4 MR/T 1.5-5x20

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    Default Leupold Mark4 MR/T 1.5-5x20

    Bought a Colt M4 and now I want to sight it... anyone have one of these or the Nightforce 1-4 NXS scope?Want to have a scope not reddot type sight.

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    Default Mark4 CQT

    I got one of these 6 months prior to being deployed. Zeroed it once and never had to touch it again. As a matter of fact the scope was never removed from the time I first put it on till I returned and took it off in the JMC right before turn in when we landed at Elmendorf. Thing I really liked about this was the super long battery life, it only takes one AA battery (very easy to find, not like the button batteries for the issued CCO) and even if you by chance leave it on, the battery runs out you still have your retical. Retical adjustment is great also, able to not only be used with the naked eye but also with night vision with it turned down. The zoom is great, not a lot but just enough to take care of business, does not make an M-4 into a sniper rifle by any means but sure can help. Bottom line it was just a ton better than the standard issue CCO. Thing I did not like about it is that the retical dot was a bit big and sometimes would obscure a target if it was really small or far off. Overall a really great optic that can take a severe beating and still stay dead on. We had to confirm our zero's multiple times from right before we left stateside to when we got to Kuwait (Camp Buring) and periodically in Iraq and I never once had to make an adjustment. One more note, I used the "permanent" rail mount from Leopold that came with it and not their quick release mount.

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    I have the Leupold Mark 4 MR/T 1.5-5 on my FN Mauser in .458 Win Mag. I love it because at 1.5 you can still use both eyes open for fast shots and at 5 you can easily see big game sized targets at 300 yards. I have the illuminated version and it takes the CR25 button battery, not a AA like Mr. Holden mentions; I suspect he is thinking of the 1-3x14 CQT.
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    Default scopes

    I'm looking into the Nightforce scope as some say it's optics are so good you don't need an illuminated reticle.Took the carbine out to the range yesterday for the first time, what a blast


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