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Thread: Pro 2000 Uniflow problem

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    Default Pro 2000 Uniflow problem

    Hello, got the press set, dies cleaned installed and adjusted started to test the powder measure for correct throw and STOP!! The micormeter says 4 grains (TrailBoss) but the scales say 5.8!! same thing the 6 times. Now I am thinking that my scale is off so I spend the next hour cleaning, leveling and checking anything I can that I know the weight of; scales seem to be fine. Ok, more powder. Still off, so I spend the next hour taking it apart cleaning and inspecting. Reset it so that when it is set on -0- it is not rubbing the inside of the housing but might only let one single grain of powder thru and no more. Since I am not profesionally shooting targets I figure one single grain of powder is going to be a problem. OK, scales good, powder hopper full, micrometer set to zero and throwing zero away we go with some more throws to see how it does. Well it is still throwing 4 on the micrometer which measure 5.8 on the scale.

    Any ideas welcome.

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    First, try your micrometer all the way to drop a large charge of powder, then run a full pound of powder though the measure. This coats the measure with powder residue and greatly assists drops. Second, don't fret about the weight. The Uniflow and other powder measures take powder from the hopper and are designed for volume not a specific weight. The micrometer will get you in the ball park, but don't expect it to be spot on with all powders. You should weigh the charge and make adjustments to the measure accordingly. Once you have the measure set to drop the charge you want, drop 10 loads and re-weigh. It should still be spot on. If not, make a slight adjustment and drop 10 more. Also, different powders will all drop at different rates. Small spherical powders usually measure dead on, fluffy powders like Trail Boss may be off a hair, and wide variances are common with long extruded powders. When you get the charge you want, note what the micrometer reads and write this in your load log so you can return to it the next time you load with that specific powder.

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    Default slapping my forhead!!!!

    Man I knew that but it didn't click until I read it again. Thanks..

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    I don't think that's the way it works. Those numbers on the dial are for reference only and each setting must be verified with a scale. No two powders will ever follow that micrometer scale exactly. If a setting of "4" is 5.8 grains of trail boss, so be it. Write that down for reference. But then follow Ronald Reagan's philosophy...Trust but verify....with a good scale.
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