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    I felt like having a little fun and made a little story out of this. If you want to get straight to the question, scroll until you hit the bold part.

    It was 7 o'clock and I was bored to tears and craving a dessert. I found nothing but a granola bar, date unknown.

    It'll do I said to myself as I shrugged my shoulders. Wishing for a more fulfilling dessert I thought of my mother's homemade blackberry cobbler. TO steal a line from Cambell's Soups, "Mmm-mm good!"

    Hey a thought stuck me there's fields of blueberries here! I could make my own cobber! A blueberry cobber, but cobbler nonetheless. Just as good as mom's stuff too, I bet!

    So from 7 o'clock to 8 o'clock I picked a medium sized tin of blue berries, munching on a few on the way. I got a few particularly woody-tasting ones, some bland berries and a few terrific berries.

    I entered the EDR (employee dining room) and Sam, with a bewildered look, asked "What were you doing out there?"

    "Picking blueberries" I said, proudly displaying my tin brimming with blueberries. "Want some?"

    A disgusted look on her face. My heat fell a mite, Sam's a pretty girl.

    "No... blueberries have maggots in them unless you soak them."

    A disgusted look now appeared on my face. "Maggots? Really? I never heard that."

    "Yeah..." Sam walked away.

    I had eaten some berries! Was that what the dry, woody ones were? Ugh... Oh well. Maggots are a delicacy in some countries. Filipino I think... Maybe Thailand, I dunno I can't remember.

    Swiftly to the computer I went., "blueberry maggots" click A moment of silence... scroll scroll scroll

    Wow it's true. I thought to myself, they do have maggots. I went to my tin of blueberries, and inspected a few thoroughly. A hole! I squeezed the berry open.

    There... between the ball of berry-meat and the flesh laid a white maggot with brownish legs, curled in a crescent like that of an old style outhouse. My stomach churned, gross I thought. I almost felt like taking a trip to the outhouse myself.

    Alright, better soak those berries. I grabbed a tin from the condiments shelf (it housed miniature salt and pepper packets), put in a bit of salt, water, and added the berries. Into the refrigerator they went.

    The next day, half the berries are afloat, the other half sunken. Plenty of maggots to be seen.

    I rinsed off the berries, but the maggots remain. What do I need to do to prepare my berries for a cobbler?

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    Ignore the bugs. They add protein to the berries.

    Freeze and prepare as normal.

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    ***, Google here I come.... It's true, although I've never seen, or tasted them.

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    Huh...never heard of that. I've probably eaten a couple. Ehhh it's just more protein

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